Ravenscry – Nobody (Official Video)

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Home alternative Ravenscry – Nobody (Official Video)
Published on December 8, 2017

This song is included in our first album One Way Out Check out Ravenscry’s Official Store: http://store.ravenscryband.com/ Website: http://www.ravenscryband.com/ Directed by: Salvatore Perrone http://www.salvatoreperrone.com/ Song title: Nobody Storyboard: Giulia Stefani, Salvatore Perrone Cast: Tino Carminati Make up: Laura Grossi Clothing and accessories: EMP Italy http://www.emp-online.it/ Special thanks to: Giuseppe Bresciani, Beppe “Guise” Bolzoni, Paganelli Family ©2011 – Ravenscry, all rights reserved.

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